Recently my car was
damaged by a city plow and I am wondering if they are liable for the damage
sustained by my vehicle. As I was going down the road a snow plow dropped his
plow and threw a huge chunk of ice/snow up at my vehicle causing $700.00 worth
of damage to the front of my vehicle. Does the city have to assume
responsibility or do they have automatic immunity??? Any help would certainly
be appreciated.

Thank you

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I am not a lawyer, but I will share what I know. Here in Truckee, it tends to work this way:
If you park on the street in a snow removal area, and your vehicle gets damaged by the snow plow, too bad.
If you are driving in a lawful manor, and a snow plow hits your car, the city will have it repaired. In your case, I do not have enough information. If you were parked and there were signs warning you not to do so, you will probably have to pay. If you were following too close, (most city plow trucks have a warning sign on the back) you may have to pay.
If you were driving in the opposite direction, doing every thing right, you might have a claim.
If you were legally parked (no warning signs) you might have a claim.
If you were following at a safe distance (not within the warning distance posted on the back of the truck) you may have a claim.
The city charter is public record "go read it" Check for signs on the streets and the back of city trucks. In other words if the city warned you not to do it, and you did it, this is your fault.
If you did everything correctly and the city did not warn you, I think you have a claim. Good luck!




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