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Western Plows
7777 N. 73rd Street
Milwaukee WI 53223

(262) 673-7200

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Company Overview

For over 60 years WESTERN® has been leading the plow industry by providing top-quality snowplows and ice control equipment. For more than six decades the WESTERN brand has been the first choice for snow plow professionals with revolutionary technology, expertise in the plowing industry and state of the art manufacturing capabilities.

Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, WESTERN is the leading manufacturer of CONTRACTOR GRADE® plows. WESTERN offers snow equipment for heavy-duty and standard-duty commercial snow plowing, institutional, extended-use homeowner and municipal snow removal operations. We have a full line of snow plows, and a variety of hopper and tailgate-mounted ice control sand and salt spreaders, in addition to our full line of snow plow parts and snow plow accessories.

The focus at WESTERN is to build equipment that helps our customers succeed and give them a competitive edge in the market. As leaders in the snow plowing industry we are at the forefront of changing technology, to better meet our customers needs and wants. WESTERN stays in touch and in tune with our customers to develop solutions and deliver snow equipment that gets the job done right, the first time!

As part of a lean manufacturing strategy, WESTERN is able to react quickly to changing requirements and customer needs. WESTERN also proactively pursues environmental responsibility throughout the manufacturing and procurement process, voluntarily making sustained efforts to exceed compliance requirements.


  • Established in 1950 by entrepreneur Douglas Seaman, Western Products is a manufacturer of snowplows for heavy-duty and standard-duty commercial snow plowing, as well as institutional, extended-use homeowner and municipal snow removal operations
  • In 1952, Western Welding introduced its first snowplow. The timing could not have been better. The U.S. population was gravitating toward suburban settings, which had increased the market for light trucks and drove demand for snowplows.
  • Suburban areas continued to thrive through the 50s, and the light-truck market continued to grow. Snowplow demand was on the rise, and sales of Western snowplows doubled between 1961 and 1968.
  • The 70s also proved lucrative for the snowplow industry. With a product that was perceived as high quality, an aggressive sales force and an attractive pricing policy, Western Products' share of the national market for snowplows mounted on light trucks swelled from 33 percent in 1968 to 40 percent a decade later.

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Product Lines:

Snow Removal Equipment - forged by hard-working men and women in our award-winning Milwaukee, Wisconsin, manufacturing facility. Built to stand up to winter’s worst. Ice Control Equipment – all of the quality and expertise that you find in our snowplows can also be found in our Ice Control Equipment


Douglas Dynamics was voted as one of the Top 100 Workplaces in Milwaukee for four consecutive years (2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013)

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