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Snow Removal in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Gone are the good 'ol days when snow was removed with shovels in Mongolia.

Snow and Ice Control in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia gets a huge lift from 5 Kamaz trucks outfitted with plows, scrapers and liquid ice control systems.These will be joined on the roads by six Porter vehicles installed with substance…


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Study Reveals Underwater Mountains Affect Climate

Underwater Mountains Control Climate Mixing Antarctica Sea Ice Waters: Study


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Really Super Accurate Forecaster Offers Winter Outlook for Portland, OR Area...

This is an excerpt from Rod Hill - the most accurate winter forecaster in the Northwest region - specifically, Portland ..

Rod says:

Neutral enso conditions…


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Persimmon Seeds Predict Cold and Average Snow for Ozarks

Weather Prediction By: University of Missouri Extension staff Christian County Headliner News

This coming winter in the Ozarks is going to be colder than average with an average snow fall. Well, at least according to persimmon…


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Blizzard, Tornado, Wild Fire, Tropical Storm - All in One Weekend

Wild Weekend Weather for Contiguous U.S.

This is a blog from Extreme Weather Expert Christopher C. Burt 

For what may have been the first time in modern records the contiguous U.S. faced a simultaneous threat from a tropical storm, blizzard, tornado outbreak, and extreme wild fire threat this weekend. However, with the dissipation of Tropical Storm Karen, only a 'trifecta' was achieved. On the other hand, record heat occurred in the mid-Atlantic and…


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SIMA - The 2013 Snow & Ice Industry Awards

Annual Symposium Includes Honors, Recognition Night

The Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) recently held its 16th Annual Snow & Ice Symposium in Minneapolis, Minn. The four-day event featured a trade show, speakers, educational sessions and networking events for professionals in the…


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Snow tires for skid loaders - Amazing !

Please check out snow tires for skid steer. 
It's a 19.5 " tire recapped with an aggressive mud and snow tread. 
Will make a skid steer much more effective pushing snow. Pls see the you tube video in this link.



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Snow Removal Tracking

How many phone calls does your municipality or county receive during a typical snow storm from residents inquiring when a particular road will be salted or plowed? You can eliminate those calls by suscribing to a hosted software solution that enables municipalities and counties to verify the completion of salting and snow removal within their community.

The software works in two modes- 1)…


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Snowy Side of Hurricane Sandy

There will be a snowy side to Hurricane Sandy in the higher elevations of PA, WV and VA:

As reported by Jim Andrews, Senior Meteorologist

Potentially devastating Hurricane Sandy will even have a wintry aspect, that of heavy wet snow, to go along with its inundating surge, damaging winds and flooding rain.…


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I am looking for a wiring diagram to activate a western 8' straight blade. I just need the plow to raise, lower, left & right action.

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First Winter Weather of 2012/13 Season?

Headlines from the Alaska Dispatch indicate their is in fact snow in the air. Snow fell September 6, 2012 at Denali National Park forcing the park road to close for several hours.  For those that live for the snow this is a darn good sign!

Here is the article as it was printed:

Wet autumn…


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When in doubt... do it yourself

I have been doing liquid anti-icing for 12 years now.  I have spoken at 3 SIMA symposiums and taught a couple of extra classes with nationally known authorities on the subject.  One question kept coming up... "What kind of equipment can I buy to get started?  It must be extremely dependable, effective, and compatible with all the brand name liquid deicers."  I had a couple of loose recommendations but there was nothing on the market I truly liked, especially at a price that a small…


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2011 - 2012 Winter Forecast Comparisons

Not as predicted...

"People in Chicago are going to want to move after this winter," stated Long-Range Meteorologist Josh Nagelberg. 

Snow Plow News has contacted forecasters to get answers as to why we haven't seen this massive winter snow but we have been met with silence.

We do know that Native…


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The resurgence of snow blowers

“ON THE ROAD AGAIN” . . . by Jeff Hess                  

THE RESURGENCE OF SNOW BLOWERS                                                                 November 28, 2011

Over the past couple of weeks of dealer calls everyone is amazed at how strong snow blower sales have been.  Many dealers in the northeast, as well as the wholesale distributors that stock them, say that snow blower sales are up 80%, 90%, even 100% or more compared to last…


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First hand account of October storm aftermath in Connecticut

 “ON THE ROAD AGAIN” . . . by Jeff Hess


11 November 2011

Planned travels to conduct sales meetings for new and existing snow plow dealers in western and central Connecticut this last week was like nothing I have ever before witnessed first hand.  The…


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5 Steps to keep followers out of your email jail


Nobody likes to get an email that blows snow up their bumper. You spend a lot of time, energy and money collecting digital assets - in this case, email addresses.  You need a sharp strategy…


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Snow is not the same as Grass

I have tried to explain to lawn and garden companies for so many years that snow is not the same as grass. 

You would think this would be an easy concept to grasp. 

First, the literal aspect should be a clue: Grass is green and Snow is white. 

First grader knowledge: Grass grows and Snow…


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Could Ford rank #2 in use for snow plowing due to lack of effort?

Consumers think of Ford as the number one truck because of all the advertisements that showcase the sales numbers of the Ford F150 trucks. So it comes as a surprise to many that the Ford truck is not the…


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La Nina Vs. El Nino


The differences between La Nina and El Nino.…

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What the New Facebook Timeline Means for Your Business

Whether you're company is already on Facebook, or is still on the perpetual merry-go-round, changes are coming.  Initially, Facebook had planned to launch its new "Timeline" profile's on October 1, however because of some legal issues, that has been delayed.  Which means, you still have time to learn and decide…


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The Western MVP 3™ provides a whole new slant in V-plow performance and durability.

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Ariens Co. - The King of Snow - has blown back into the single stage snow blower / snow thrower / sno thro business in a big way.

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The Sno-Way 29R has two hydraulically controlled end wings to allow users to move more snow...

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The Snow Wolf Snow Blower is ready to cut a new path in the market...

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