2012 Canada Winter Forecast Updates

October 10, 2011 Update from Accuweather

Canada Winter Forecast: Could Be Coldest in 20 Years for Western Provinces.

According to leading meteorologists at Accuweather.com, it's going to be a cold winter across a chunk of western Canada. Arctic air masses should come down on many occasions through British Columbia and Alberta. Meteorologists state that this winter could be one of the top three coldest winters in the past 20 years for Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia. Edmonton, Alberta, will likely be in the deep freeze for the fifth consecutive winter.


What about the snow?

The map with the number of predicted snowy days is supposed to be more representative of what the winter is like, than a total snowfall map. For example, just one or two storms can bring an area that doesn't typically get much snow more snow than what is normal for an entire season, while the bulk of the winter has little in the way of snowfall.

You'll see some forecasts predicting a cold, snowy winter in British Columbia, but Anderson said "it's either one or the other." Cold air doesn't hold moisture very well. If it's going to be snowy, especially in western parts of British Columbia, "it's usually not going to be terribly cold, especially in the mountains."

The past 10 to 15 winters have been drier than normal across the Prairies, and that's likely to be the same across a large part of the region this winter. The exception, though, is southwestern Alberta, which is good news for the winter sports enthusiasts down there.


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Earlier Forecast for comparison:

From: Caleb Weatherbee | Monday, August 29th, 2011

2012 Canadian Winter Forecast

For the last several months, many of you have been emailing us, leaving comments on our articles, and asking us on our Facebook page, “What’s in store for the coming winter?” Not, at long last, the wait is over! The 2012 Canadian Farmers’ Almanac is on shelves, and our much-awaited long-range forecast for the coming year is no longer a secret. Last winter, the Canadian Farmers’ Almanac suggested that after the unusually mild and dry winter of 2009–10, Old Man Winter would stage a comeback and traditional winter weather would be a “reality” once again. In our long-range outlook, we predicted colder-than-normal winter temperatures for the eastern provinces and milder-than-normal conditions for the western provinces.


And, though winter got off to a bit of a slow start, that’s eventually how things panned out. In contrast to its balmy December, some eastern provinces, including Newfoundland, averaged 2.5°C below normal.

So what’s in store for the coming winter?


For the winter of 2011–12, the Canadian Farmers’ Almanac is forecasting unusually cold and stormy weather. For some parts of the country that means a frigid climate; while for others, it’s lots of rain and snow.


This will be a winter of “clime and punishment.” We are forecasting the upcoming winter will be cold to very cold, from Alberta east across Saskatchewan and Manitoba into western Ontario. Meanwhile, we predict temperatures will average above normal for much of Nova Scotia and, possibly, southern New Brunswick. Near-normal temperatures are expected elsewhere. A very active storm track will bring copious precipitation through the Great Lakes into central and eastern Ontario, Quebec, and much of the Maritimes. Another active storm track over the Pacific Ocean will guide systems into southern and central British Columbia and western Alberta, giving them a wetter-than-normal winter.

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